Sinilga crewing agency was established in March 2000 in the most western Russian region – Kaliningrad. Sinilga crewing is MLC 2006 certified and officially licensed by the Russian immigration authority for crewing services.

Sinilga ltd provides ship owners / ship managers with qualified, reliable and well-trained crew members for all relevant positions on board seagoing vessels.


We provide crew for all types of merchart, offshore, oil &gas and fishery fleet. We deliver full crews, partial crews and single crewmembers and have close contacts with trusted shipping companies around the world.

Our services start with initial selection and training of marine personnel. When required Sinilga ltd organizes English language classes for seafarers. With close cooperating with Baltic State Academy and Kaliningrad Sea Port Athorities, Sinilga ltd assists seafarers with upgrading crew marine certificates and seaman’s books. Sinilga crewing provides visa support including shengen and C1D USA visa and also applies for necessary flag state endorsements for marine personnel.

You can get in touch with Sinilga crew managers 7 days a week and we are always for your services, ready to cover your request in a short notice.

Crew management

The main focus of Sinilga Ltd is crew management. We offer best services possible in recruiting, training and deploying qualified and competent marine personnel. Along with Russian seamen we work with a wide variety of crew nationalities such as Indian, Filipinos, Ukrainian, EU nationalities, what enables us to meet the requirements of our clients.

Our services include:

– recruitment of STCW certified officers and rating, based on each client's needs and goals;

– marine personnel experienced on general cargo, bulkers, tankers, offshore fleet, refrigerators and container ships;

– crew planning, crew processing;

– crew accounting, payroll and allotments;

– crew travel and crew visas;

– Flag state documents processing;

– medical and P&I insurances;

– English language classes for seafarers;

– Working and safety gear for the crew.