Cadetship programs

Kaliningrad has always been a great source of marine cadets and maritime professionals.

Together with Baltic State Academy and Kaliningrad Marine College, SINILGA offers Shipowners and Shipmanagers highly motivated, well educated young professionals.

SINILGA helps and assists shipping companies to built their own Cadet programs and create a pool of young, talented, higly motivated, loyal specialists who grow and develop together with your company.

SINILGA can also offer cadets from all over the Russia and Ukraine.

When your company is interested in cadet program do not hesitate to contact us.


  • faculty of navigation

  • faculty of marine engineering
    consist of 5 departments
    - department of mechanical engineering
    - department of electrical and automatic equipment of vessels
    - department of ship power plants
    - department of refrigeration, cryogenic technology and life support systems
    - department of materials technology and measurement science

  • radiotechnical faculty
    -department of marine radio-technical systems
    -department of information security
    -department of information technology
    -department of physics and chemistry