Sinilga Kaliningrad

Sinilga Russian Crewing agency

Sinilga, founded in 2000, is a crew management company based in the most western Russian city -Kaliningrad. Sinilga is MLC 2006 certified and officially licensed by the Russian immigration authority for crewing services.

Sinilga delivers full crews, partial crews and single crewmembers to merchant vessels of different types and provides a wide range of crewing services.

Our company has been working at the maritime service market for 20 years. Our major activity is crew and ship-management. In recruitment we focus on the specialists graduating from Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy(BFFSA) and Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping.Their professional qualification and experience are based on the traditions and, most significantly, on the outstanding training system and unique methodology developed in these educational institutions.

We provide experienced seamen with a many years’ term of service as well as cadets and fresh graduates for a ship crew. A lot of them havebeen working as surveyors, supervisors and superintendents in a number of European companies.

Sinilga’s employees will develop a business plan for the whole fleet or for a single ship. We are working under Lump-Sum agreements, individual and agency agreements. We are happy to provide our partners with ship technical management in conjunction with crew and ship-management.

The company provides a full range of services except for chartering.

Sinilgaactively cooperates with European (German, Dutch, English, Latvian) and Asian partners, and has tight contacts with Indian and Philippine maritime business.

We are ready to act as agents in transferring of the vessel under the Russian flag, crew and ship 

We are looking for a new partner (shipowner or ship management) to establish long term business relationships.

We have experienced, well-trained and dedicated team of crew managers to provide 24 hour highest quality, cost effective crew logistics and crewing services.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us any time 24/7 with your crew inquires.


Kaliningrad, Russia

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Crew management

The main focus of Sinilga Ltd is crew management. We offer best services possible in recruiting, training and deploying qualified and competent marine personnel. Along with Russian seamen we work with a wide variety of crew nationalities such as Indian, Filipinos, Ukrainian, EU nationalities, what enables us to meet the requirements of our clients.

Our services include:

– recruitment of STCW certified officers and rating, based on each client's needs and goals;

– marine personnel experienced on general cargo, bulkers, tankers, offshore fleet, refrigerators and container ships;

– crew planning, crew processing;

– crew accounting, payroll and allotments;

– crew travel and crew visas;

– Flag state documents processing;

– medical and P&I insurances;

– English language classes for seafarers;

– Working and safety gear for the crew.